XCode/building for iOS

Hello all,
Hope all well here; long time no comment from me.
A while back I wrote a little iOS app in Xojo and it compiled fine. Since then I must’ve updated Xcode or something like that.
Starting scenario: Xojo 2019r1.1, Xcode11. Run button greyed out.
So I uninstalled Xcode 11 by deleting it from Applications and downloaded and installed Xcode 10.2, then restarted my machine. Run button not greyed out but Xojo now says ‘Trying to run an iOS project with no iOS devices configured’.
Uninstall all simulators in Xcode then restart; go to Configuration and download iOS 12.1 simulator. Go back to Simulators and add a new one for iPhone X/12.1. Restart machine. I still get the same error.
Running xcode-select -p in Terminal gives me /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer which is correct.
Any pointers?

(Simulator Debugging popup in the iOS build settings has no entries in it.)

Did you try ADDING simulators to the list. Perhaps Xcode11 replaced them with iOS13 simulators, and now Xcode10 realizes it can’t use those.

I know when I installed Xcode11 (I program in Swift)… that I had to add the iPhoneX family back again

I deleted all the simulators, then added iPhone X back with iOS 12.1; when I did so it added all the simulators back. I’m just trying Xcode 10.1 now… Should say that whenever I’ve reinstalled Xcode I’ve run it too.

OK, now back to 10.1, still not working. I’ve reinstalled command line tools for 10.1, cleared my ~/Library/Developer folder, and still nothing.

@Greg O’Lone Tagging you as J. Leroy suggests (https://forum.xojo.com/56016-ios-simulator-nothing-available-in-simulator-device-popup-menu Sep 25) this might be something fixed in the latest pre-release; is this so? I’m not on the beta list any more so can’t say… If you can say yes or no then that’d be helpful as I won’t spend any more time trying to fix it!

This will be fixed in 2019r2.

Am I allowed to ask how long that’ll be (knowing full well that that sort of question is very likely to receive the reply ‘when it’s ready’?) Or to be allowed access to the beta for now? (I was beta program a while back when I worked at Light Blue…) Thanks for the answer late on a Sunday (at least in England!)

Hi Hamish - you can get access to the betas. I will contact you privately because you have more than 1 account.

I can confirm this is fixed in 2019r2.