Xcode 8

has anyone attempted to download this?
when I started it said 2hr 22min
now an hour later, its say 3hr 28min
its only a 4.5gig file

I downloaded it last week without trouble. Perhaps Apple’s servers are being pounded with the iOS 10 release that happened an hour or so ago?

under normal circumstances… this should be at worst an 8 minute download… and Apple should have the infrastucture to handle this kind of traffic… in the 5 min or so since I posted this, the time has gone UP another 15 minutes

Twitter seems to think their servers are overwhelmed. I was able to download and install the new iTunes just now, but Apple Music is unable to connect.

yeah… I’m at 5 hours now… seems to be headed in way the wrong direction…

not to mention it will take a minimum of an hour to install it once the download completes.

THEN, I get to spend the rest of today (and tommorow) bringing projects up to the new standards

well its been over 5 hours since I started this download, and the indicator is now at 2 hours 45 min remaining (which is 23 minutes MORE that what it said when I first began)… and the progress bar indicates just a hair past 50%

Servers are probably overloaded. My download has been going for almost 4 hours now. Seems to get chunks in spurts. I’ve got about 1/2 a gig left. It’s said 30 some odd minutes for over an hour now. I’m guessing it will be done sometime tonight.

my download finished after almost 8 hours :frowning:
then it pops up with “FAILED”…

so before I go to bed tonight, I’ll shut down everything and try it again

This doesn’t really have much to do with iOS at all

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I read the news today… and I get a new about some French ISP that slow down the tube to Apple Servers (today speed: ~700M/s, via a VPN:21 m/s)…

Also, Dave, do you try to download it from a different computer ?
Sometimes, the “link” is just bad.

I finally got it installed… 9 hours to download, 2.5 hours to install and 1 hour to update all my code.