XCode 13

Has anyone updated to Xcode 13 with positive results? I would be happy to hear about it because I do not dare without positive feedback. Thanks for help

I tried an Update to XCode 13 on M1 iMac with Mac OS Big Sur. Some hours later - after update grabbed about 70 GB - I stopped it. I purged all XCode remainings to force a new installation. With new installation there were no problems. It’s not the first time that I experience forcing a new installation for XCode to be a better approach. Concerning XCode 13 compatibility with Xojo I cannot say anything as of now.


If you upgrade to Monterey, Xcode 12 will no longer work. See my ;ost in the 'Genera;" area

Xcode 13 is working fine for me with Xojo 2021 r2.1. The only issue I have — and I think it might be an iOS 15 issue as I found some reports of it online — is that after building and copying my app to my device, the app icon is just generic. Restarting the device fixes it until the next time I build/copy the app.

Xcode 13.2.1 working fine on Monterey
MacBook Pro 15 inch 2016