Xcode 11 required for App Store submissions as of May, 2020

I’m sure I’m late to his issue but was distressed to read on the Apple Developers Site this weekend:

Here’s the url:
link text

Is there any discussion about this?

for iOS projects that isn’t an issue, as 2019r2 uses Xcode11
for desktop… I would “guess” this really means they must be compiled using what ever the latest SDK is,
and I don’t know how Xojo handles that

Thanks, Dave. I’m an OSX developer, so it’s not good news.

I’ll move this discussion over to the Targets/macOS channel.

I may be wrong, but this wording from Apple has been used for many years, yet Xojo remains. It is a warning for old-Xcode users.

Maybe we will notice any Apple automation complaints only by April, 2020.

That’s right, they’re referring to the underlying SDK. Xojo will simply need to build against the newer SDK next year.