XAML: What have you achived?

I would be interested to know how you use XAML objects in your projects?

I’m not yet convinced about the DesktopXAMLContainer because I can’t create Controls that have similarly small dimensions as normal Windows controls. I also can’t manage to implement my own designs.

Even though I would really like to give my Windows projects a more modern look, I will probably stay away from the DesktopXAMLContainer for the time being…

Can’t see the use in a multi-platform scenario, so I haven’t even tried them.


Same here. Sorry.

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Thanks for your comment. In fact, I’m less interested in knowing why a pure Windows solution isn’t used on other systems. :wink:

I’m more interested in what others have been able to achieve so far with this new control.

For example, I can’t even create a working ListBox with it. A ListBox that can be used like the previous ListBox during runtime…

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We’ve replaced a canvas made toolbar with a XAML CommandBar. This was accomplished using a custom XAML subclass along with other classes to represent the buttons. CommandBar buttons can be added and removed from the CommandBar and can be ToggleButtons or normal. They can also be enabled and disabled and have flyout menus.

We are also using a XAML subclass ProgressBar, a custom XAML control that has circle status indicators with text above and have a Button Group control.

It can be difficult at first to create XAML to achieve the results you want. It took a lot of fiddling, but Chat GPT is helpful. For pure Windows developer, the XAML container is incredibly powerful as you get so much capability with very little effort. So far it has been solid and we have only ran into a few issues.


Thanks for your comment. My biggest problems so far are implementing my own (smaller) design and recreating events such as AddRow and the like.

I think it would be a good idea to create a dedicated forum area where interested parties can show their solutions and exchange ideas. Because I too see great potential in this new Control, but I fear it will remain unused for a long time because, apart from a few meager examples, there is very little help and inspiration in Xojo’s documentation and example projects.

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I agree.

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Check here, I got listboxes to work using a deferent format to what was listed by Xojo.


Hello @Daniel_Mullins :slight_smile:
Glad you got this one working.

But I’m having a lot of trouble creating a ListBox that works even remotely like a Xojo ListBox. So far, the XAML solution feels so limited that it seems more like a gimmick than a serious Control.