X86-only plugin on arm64 mac: functions not recognized

I wrote a plugin for Intel macs (x86 only) a while ago and have moved up to an arm64 MacStudio. Xojo runs and opens my project OK but when i run none of my plugin functions are recognized. The project is set for x86-only build so I was hoping my plugin would simply be loaded and executed under Rosetta. But no joy.
It will be a while before I update my plugin to universal mainly because of my love-hate relationship with Xcode.
Is there a way to force x86-only plugins run link and execute under Rosetta on an arm64 Mac in the meantime?

You could force Xojo to run in Rosetta.
In the Finder, open info window for Xojo and check the checkbox to run Xojo with Rosetta.

Brilliant, I should’ve thought of this!
BTW do you know of a simple example plugin project that demonstrates how to properly build a universal plugin using xcode 14? The example projects provided with xojo all seem like special cases (module, class, etc).

Many thanks Christian.

If you have a project for intel, you may just change what architecture you build for in the build settings in Xcode.
e.g. pick Standard Architectures and it may do universal.

Thx, I hope it’s that simple! (in my past experience with xcode it never is, hence the love-hate…)