WWDC Keynote Watch Party Hangout

We will discuss this more at today’s hangout, but we are planning to do a longer hangout on June 22 to watch the WWDC keynote live.

So clear your schedule for June 22 from 1pm to 3pm Eastern (10am to 12pm Pacific).

Today’s the day for the Xojo WWDC Keynote Watch Party Hangout. Join us to watch the Apple keynote as it happens while hanging out.

You can stream the Apple Keynote from YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEZhD3J89ZE

Please use headphones for this hangout so that the audio from your stream of the Keynote does not get picked up by Zoom and cause echo for everyone else. If you can’t use headphones then you’ll want to stay muted.

Start times:

  • San Francisco 10am
  • Houston 12pm
  • NYC 1pm
  • UK 6pm
  • Paris, Berlin 7pm

[h]Zoom Join Link[/h]

Special thanks to @Jeremie Leroy for providing his unlimited Zoom account so that we can stay connected for the entire 2-hour keynote.

This is starting now!

We’re talking about what was mentioned in the keynote now, so feel free to jump in!