Wrong Mysql Plugin since Xojo 2016 R1

I need your help.

I have been using the Mysql plugin since 2006.
Some versions were better, some had some small mistakes.
Since version 2016 R1 the plugin is no longer usable under Windows.

Client Windows 7 or 10
Server Mac OSX 10.11.6
MySQL 5.7.10

When I install the plugin of 2015 R2.4 with the version 2017 R2.1 everything works in Mac as in Windows.

Since 2016 R1 I have observed the following on Windows clients, it works on Mac clients.

Select * from table;
ErrorCode = 0
Recordset = NIL
I get no result, although the query has worked with the old plugin since 2006, and also returns a result in all query browsers under Windows.

Select * from table limit 1;
ErrorCode = 0
Recordset <> NIL
A result is delivered.

Do you have an idea, because I can’t use the MySQL plugin from 2015 R2.4 under version 2018 R1 anymore.

Thank you

Do you use old style passwords? Because that was removed from the more recent versions of MySql and therefore from the more recent plugins.

Hi Tim
No, I don’t use old style password.

Everything runs perfectly on the Mac clients.

On the Windows clients I can connect to the database, but if the query runs without limit 1, the recordset is not filled.

If I set a limit in the query, it works.
Select * from table Limit 1 or Limit 1000.
I have 2500 queries in my code, and have no time and desire to customize them all.
And there are some, I can’t set a limit.

Next Update
Mac Client to Windows with MySQL 5.7.10 works.
Mac Client to Linux with MySQL 5.7.10 works.
Mac Client to MAC with MySQL 5.7.10 works.

Windows Client to Windows with MySQL 5.7.10 don’t work.
Windows Client to MAC with MySQL 5.7.10 don’t work.
Windows Client to Linux with MySQL 5.7.10 works!!!

Complaining about possible bugs on this forum works well (a lot better than it should, imho) IF you refer to some feedback report. If there is none create it.

Norbert: are-you using in the same Xojo IDE different Xojo’s MySQL plugin ?
(MSSQLServerPlugin.xojo_plugin or MySQLCommunityPlugin.xojo_plugin ?)

No, i use only the MySQLCommunityPlugin.xojo_plugin.

The one delivered with the Xojo IDE version you run ?

2015 R2.4 works perfect

2017 R2.1 works perfect with the mysql plugin from 2015 R2.4

2018 R1 don’t work on Windows

I’ve noticed weird things with MySQL. I’ve found that Linux servers work better. Mac client to Windows server has been very troublesome lately. Queries don’t return results - sometimes can be fixed by quoting column names (SELECT mycol FROM table…) or adding a WHERE clause that doesn’t really do anything (WHERE mycol IS NOT NULL)

The behavior changes slightly with different versions of Xojo and MySQL, though I haven’t had the time to document all the variations - I’m more concerned with keeping my app working. Moving the database to Linux has made things much better for me. (Remember that table names are case sensitive on Linux servers but not on Windows servers.)

I’ve always used the plugin that comes with the Xojo installation.

I don’t think there’s a feedback case on this. My experience with this is the problems are sometimes intermittent. And sometimes restarting the server makes it go away for a little while. And problems are different on Linux servers vs Windows servers. So I’m not convinced it’s a Xojo problem. If anyone else has similar problems, maybe we can figure out what’s going on.