Wrong deployment of web app.

my problem is an update for my running web app. I use Xojo2019 r1.1 and Putty. The old version of my app is running on an Apache server. The Update shows the title and a gray browser background but nothing else. No warning, no errors. The build of both versions is the same and i can’t find out the difference.
For testing i copied all items from the new version into the old version with the same effect.
If i build, upload and start the old version, it works, if i do the same with the updated version i get only the title and gray background.
I have no ideas how tho find the differences…

Who could help?

When you say:

do you mean that you updated the code (old version vs updated version) or do you mean that you use an older Xojo version vs Xojo2019r1.1?

I use always Xojo 2019r1.1 and want to update my web app.
If i remove that:

#If Not DebugBuild Then If Not App.Daemonize Then Print( "Could not daemonize the application.") Return End #EndIf
it works!
But i can’t run Putty all the time…

Little success…
I wrote a small test app. Labels and buttons are visible. Images not.
If i remove the code (above) in the app open event then the imagewells are visible.
In my original app, there is the company logo and two images with flags for the language select.
This is the reason why nothing is displayed.
But how can i solve that?
I read all the guides for deployment but there was not the right hint.

CGI? Stand alone?

Just a guess but try going in and using top ( find the process ID) and the ps -aux “ID”
Remove old files, upload new files and change permissions then start process

It’s a standalone app on a managed server. I installed all files in a new folder. I restarted the server. Always the same. Imagewells are visible if i deactivate the code (above).

I’ve never used daemonize in a web app whether cgi or standalone. Never had an issue that I can recall. I also don’t know what running putty has to do with your web app. Maybe I missed something.

Are you sure it’s not a browser cache issue of some sort. Have you tried a different browser or clearing the caches?

@Kevin Windham
How do you deploy? With xojo cloud?

Little success, according to the knowledge that the error depends on images and the demon i googled and found:
It’s really interesting:
standard start with: ./App --port=XXX i got the error
new start with: full_path/App --port=XXX it works out of the box!

WHY??? (That costs me one day of my life!)

[quote=484129:@Peter Marx]@Kevin Windham
How do you deploy? With xojo cloud?[/quote]

I’ve always deployed on linux or mac os. I’ve used cgi and standalone with standalone usually behind haproxy unless it’s a small utility app of some kind with very low load.