Wrong datatype on generated column

There are five INTEGER columns in my database. I am trying to add a generated column by doing this:
myDB.executeSQL("ALTER TABLE tblMain ADD avgValue REAL GENERATED ALWAYS AS ((col1 + col2 + col3 + col4 + col5)/10);")

I can put whatever I want as the datatype, REAL or DOUBLE or anything else, it doesn’t matter, the generated column always ends up as an INTEGER. Why is that?

Edit: sorry, forgot to mention it’s a SQLite Database.

Have you looked here:


Yes, I don’t find any hints what the problem could be though.

The final operation is divide by integer so SQLite leaves it that way.
Try like this:
((col1 + col2 + col3 + col4 + col5)/10.0)

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You could ask on the SQLite Users’ forum:


Awesome, that’s the solution. Thank you!