Wrong behavior while saving data in a SQLite Database file

I am foighting agains an SQLiteDatabase and do nof found the reason.

But, I have a clue: I managed to interrupt the process and I saw the project wrote Record(s), but only one at a time, above the previous one.

So at the end of the p^rocess, I opnly have one Record (and when I interrupted the process, I get a Record, but not the last).

I use:

Insert_SQL = "INSERT INTO Comics" +


I have fog (in my eyes) right now and I must stop reading the screen a bit, then come back hom (drive my car). I will come back to this in the evening after a rest.

Nota: this project have been created with Xojo 2015r1, saved multiple times using 2021r2.1, and now with 2021r3.
This situation was already wrong yesterday with 2021r2.1.
M1/Big Sur.
I delete the .sqlite file before each test.

I am not at ease with API2 (I used API2 for SQLite Data Base part.

Ideas ?