Wrapping a long text string in Report

I’ve got a line in a report that shows the full path to a file. The paths can be ridiculously long, because of the directory structure a client requires (folders with the same name as the files they contain, which themselves can be huge and descriptive). In my report I have a field that goes the full width of an 8.5x11 inch page, and has two lines available, with WordWrap turned on. But because the string is contiguous with no spaces, it doesn’t seem to be wrapping.

Is there another way to force this in a report or do I need to format it before I put the path in the database?

You should be able to adjust the output in the beforeprint event http://documentation.xojo.com/BeforePrinting_event

Thanks. I totally forgot that was there. this did the trick, using mid() in a while loop to grab the string 80 characters at a time and reformat it with line breaks.