wrapper for ckeditor


i have a customer who has a web portal built by someone else in another language that uses the ckeditor
i’m developing some bits for him using XOJO and i’d like to use the same editor so the look and feel of the editing is the same. the YUI editor from the examples is not really going to cut it.

is there anyone that has already wrapped this component?

Hi Russ,

I didn’t see your post but I could have something.
I’m developing a Wrapper for CKEditor and it’s currently working with a constraint, it must use the CDN libraries, that means that only 2 skins are available: Moono & Kama

CKEditor is a HTML Editor and generates HTML, not rich text. The resulting HTML must be viewed in a html browser/viewer.

I can provide a sample demo project using CKEditor wrapper.
Note that the wrapper class is encrypted and has a limited validity as I may try selling it later…

If you’re interested send me a PM with your email, I’ll provide a link to download the demo project.