Would you get an M1 for iOS development?

I am using an 11 year-old MacBook Pro and it’s on its last legs. Importantly, I can’t run Big Sur, which means I can’t run a version of Xcode high enough to deploy to my phone, which runs iOS 14.7.

I’m considering getting a new laptop, but I’m not sure if the M1 processor is a wise choice or if I should find a slightly older, intel-based Mac that will run all the new stuff.

Thoughts? Anybody have problems or successes with iOS on an M1?

You might be able to deploy using an old Xcode version with the appropriate support files:

If not, you could try deploying with TestFlight.

If it isn’t a matter of price, I would wait for the new MacBook Pros that are rumoured to be released this fall, with an M1x or M2 processor, that’s what I will buy to replace my 2018 Macbook.

I have been using an M1 Mac Mini since January or so.

Blazing fast, I enjoy it very much.

There are some issues, though. You got to set Xojo to use Rosetta for it to work. Not a major problem, just a tick in a box.

If you use Parallel, Virtual Box or VMWare Fusion to run Windows apps, only Parallel has a new version that works with M1. The other ones simply won’t work.

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I forgot to mention why Rosetta is necessary: it is for the simulator to work.

Get the M1, no one knows how long Apple is going to support Intel Macs.

That’s kind of what I was guessing, too. thanks!

Gotcha. Good tip. It is unlikely that this computer will be used for anything but iOS development, so as long as I can Xojo and the simulators running then I should be all set!

The speed of that M1 chip is amazing, though. It is about twice as fast as my previous 27" iMac.