World Cup 2014

Anyone watching World Cup - Brazil vs Germany??

Is it true Germany is ahead??

yes… 5 in first 25 minutes…

Apparently the last time someone scored 5 goals in a World Cup semi-final was 1958!

Move along - nothing to see here…

So, it seems that the Brazilian goalkeeper is no Tim Howard…!

Is there any point in the second half? They should just call it a day right now!

Agreed! There’s no coming back from this.

If they stay - we can beat them 9 - 0 :slight_smile:

Hahaha, a thunderstorm has caused a power cut in the ESPN studio.

wouldn’t it be funny if Germany score another 5 points.

Not much Julio Cesar could do when the whole defence is running around like school boys.

Or if Brazil score 6 LOL!


why not?

There is nothing funny about an embarrassing defeat. It is a sport and you should respect your opponent, not make fun of him.

P.S. That being said: if the German team can score another five then they will. But there is nothing funny about it.

I do want 9x0. 10x0 will be too humiliating for the Brazilian domino team. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Netherlands have played against Germany many times.
Here in the Netherlands we have a ‘saying’:
No matter what, at the end the Germans win.

And they usually do. :wink:

There is everything funny about an embarrassing defeat!