Working with Pictures

Hello guys,

So I need an app that should be able to use the camera to take pictures, pictures should be saved in a specific folder and then I would need the user to be able to select the pictures that it needs and to send them to a desktop via tcp I guess.

So far I managed to see the Taking photos part and Selecting photos from the phone, rest are possible or not ?

Workflow should be the following .

Customer connects to a desktop app, from there via tcpsocket same as the one in Networking examples it gets the destination and type , in our case for example :

Destination : Kitchen
Type : Furniture

once those selected he should be able to take photos as many as he wants and once done to press like Save and send the data to the app.

same way for Selecting the pictures that were done outside the app.

Now, knowing the platform is this possible or not ? and if yes how ? so far I see that you can take pictures, you can see pictures on the phone and I guess you can use the tcpsocket to transfer data. but what about the management ?

In this case Selecting a folder where to save the data, taking multiple pictures and then sorting them and
sending them to the desktop ap categorised.

It would be nice to have like a preview to see the selected pictures and once you press on it maybe to full screen to see if it’s the good one or not.

Thanks in advance.

This is definitely possible. If there is a common user account signed into on the iOS app and desktop app, the easiest way will be for the iOS app to send the photos to a web server and then have the desktop app download them from the server. Getting the local networking to work between iOS and desktop can be pretty challenging.

Indeed, all beautiful and nice until I guess a timeout is happening and then the connection is dead and not coming back anymore . so far I did some tests and once the connection is lost you cannot connect to it anymore unless you restart the server which is not the best way to doit.

Well let’s say that I fixed the Connecting part and timeout but still pending would be the pictures part , so far that is more important

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Hi @Aurelian_N I have a client who uses my backend platform for asset management. His mobile app is written in another language but he is able to register as many assets as he wants and take multiple inspection photos against them. These phitos are then available in the backend to view and also over an api to consume.

If you’re interested, I’ll post some images for context.

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Thanks Steve, the idea was to be able to do that in XOJO, the server part, storage part, sending part is already clear, the unclear part is XOJO IOS App capabilities, I assume that I will eventually go towards swift as here not to many options.

You shouldn’t try to maintain the connection forever while the app is running. Every time a new picture is taken open a new connection to the server to upload just that picture. The server will have an API that you define to POST the picture along with the identifying info. This can definitely be done in Xojo.

not quite right, as the person can take as many photos that they want and they validate only the ones that needed then upload all the data to server so as mentioned in the previous post , this part is fixed .

The issue is, or more clear the issues are :

  • Taking more than 1 picture without to much headache same as you take in Camera app.
  • Saving pictures taken in one specific folder on iPhone
  • Listing all the taken pictures from that folder
  • allowing the user to select them

I assume as bonus could allow to process them like rotate and add markings on them but this can be done with the camera app so not to much stress on this.

So 1 & 2 can be done by the AVFoundation classes in iOSKit (and presumably MBS as well). And if you want to be able to select photos already taken from the Camera app that is already supported natively by Xojo. Items 3 & 4 you can do with a table view quite easily. This will give you a number of photos selected for upload. Then upload/POST each photo to your web API as a separate URLconnection.

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For 3 and 4 you could use ARiOSMobileCollectionView by @Antonio_Rinaldi

It works really well for displaying Pictures and multi-selection