Working with Oracle and SQL server Express in trial version?

Hi everyone. I hope this isn’t a question that’s been answered and I didn’t see it, but I don’t have much time at night and I am wanting to know if during the trial just to try xojo before I buy if I can connect to Oracle express or sql server express and try some database examples? Instead of using SQL lite ? Nothing against the later, but I"m just familiar with MS Sql express for instance and would like to try it instead.
Thanks in advance. I look forward to much learning here…

From what I remember, the “trial” non-licensed version of Xojo is fully functional with no time limit, except for the following:

  • Cannot save projects to a source-control friendly format.
  • Cannot build a stand-alone finished application for distribution.

But you can run your projects for testing and development purposes from within the IDE & debugger.

Also see: Xojo License

I hope that helps to answer your question. Have fun!

You can definitely use SQL Server Express as I’m using that in a VM here

I would assume you could do the same with Oracle Express

I could download Oracle 12c, install it on a Windows Server VM and successfully test it from Xojo. I had to create an Oracle account to do this.

I‘m testing on 12c because it introduced a way of having an auto-incrementing id field per table (somewhere I do have a sample project, …).

I have been using MS SQL Express for over two years on my Windows notebook on the LAN. In Windows, my apps access the database directly and in macOS via ODBC. Recently, I also access the database via a web service. Is then the same in Windows and macOS.

Thanks everyone… I assumed I could try it, but wanted to make sure first… I just want to test the IDE, etc… and see if I like it’s performance with databases… Thank again… You folks rock…