Workaround for lack of Stop button?

Right now I am staring at a Resume button again. The only solution I have found so far is to Save the project (it seems to do it most of the time but not always) the quit Xojo and restart it again. Please tell me there is a way to stop the debugger before I give up on Xojo until the next version.

To stop the your app while it is being debugged, click on the App name in the Run section of the Navigator. In the Debugger toolbar is a Stop button (right next to the Pause button).

Paul’s solution works fine until there is an error. My present problem is a nil object exception which opens up the method where the error occurred. That’s just what happened in RS, but now the Stop button goes away and the only solution I have found is to shut down Xojo.

Click back on your app under the “Run” heading. See the very bottom of the navigator area in Pauls’ picture above. That will give you the play/stop buttons.