Wont run Stand Alone on the Pi

I have an application that I have been running on my Raspberry PI. And of course my micro SD became corrupt and I had to rebuild. Unfortunately I am missing a step because my Xojo App will no longer run. It will run fine via remote debugging.

When I copy it over to the Pi and run it stand alone I get the following error.

./Octoscreen: error while loading shared libraries: XojoGUIFrameworkARM.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have ensured that libunwind8 is installed and current.

Does anybody have the proper steps setting to modify the Pi to run Stand Alone. Its been so long I dont recall what I did to the Pi to make it work.

Xojo 2019 r2.1
Raspi 3 B
Linux 4.19.75-v7+ #1270 SMP Tue Sep 24 18:45:11 BST 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux

make sure you have the folder strucure:

  • myAppFolder
    — myApp
    — myApp Libs
    ------ XojoGUIFrameworkARM.so
    ------ [other xojo libs]

This is a web app or a desktop app?

Its a desktop app.

you trying to start it on the desktop by double clicking or using the terminal (x-org only?)
And do you have the lastest raspbian with gtk3?

Correct on both questions.

you would have to overwrite the libraries also if you changed xojo version.

Bingo the file structure was the issue. As soon as I put everything back to original folder layout it ran fine. Thank you for the hint.

Not that it is critical for this app, its just a touch screen app for my 3D printer but is there a way to deploy where I can put the libs in the traditional library folders on the Pi. I looked on the Xojo website for some detail instructions but did not find any.

Nice that you are building a octoprint touch interface!

Hello, I have the same problem:

I’m no newbie, but for Xojo, I just found it and started using it.

Raspberry is 64-bit

PS, edit: the image does not appear in the post, right-click and open in new tab or window. There you see everything

Edit (Paul): Fixed inline image link

There are two possible things to try:

  1. Depending on the Raspberry Pi operating system, the unwind library may need to be installed with the following command:
sudo apt-get install libunwind8
  1. Another possibility is that the files in the test libs folder were not copied. Check to see that all files were transferred in the subfolder.

Does this help?

Thanks for your answer.

Did install libunwind8
The thing is that the app looks for libraries in the ‘shared libraries’ folder which is located in /usr/lib
Finding the missing libraries in the system and copying them with root privileges worked until I wanted to start the app via ssh
I’ll keep you informed

No, you must use the Xojo layout.

Oh my God, one can be so stupid…

the folder /appname Libs was named as /appname libs (because I had to manually create the folder over ssh, and then copy the files)

Changing the capital L was all it took. Lost a whole day, but learned -again and again and again- that I need to look the beginning and especially to the syntax.

It works in Raspberry OS 32 bit and Raspberry OS 64 bit. I’m saved !

The only reason why I know the answer to your question, is that I made the exact same mistake. We are all learning from one another. :slight_smile:

Warm regards,

I was kicking myself too I knew it would be something simple and of course I did not try the simplest of solutions.