wMain.EditCopy is not fired !

wMain.EditCopy is not fired !

I have checked App and no, there is no EditCopy MenuHandler.

Even the MenuItem does that to me.

The Text in the Clipboard is … all the selected Text Row (all columns) when I only want Column(0), the URL text.

Xojo 2015r1 / Yosemite 10.10.3 with PB.

Ideas ?

BTW: I set a break point (at first) to check why I get both Cells (0 and 1) in the Clipboard and when I noticed that I do not get the Debugger I realized that my EditCopy event is not fired.

You need to implement the menu handler in the listbox. Make a subclass and add the menu handler.

Hi Tim: thanks for your kind answer.

Since when ?

Emile (totally out of service by this news; figure that: a huy whith large eyes, an open mouth and its hands along his body ;-:slight_smile: …)

I get an eye on the PDF (Books 1 thru 4), then in ListBox and do not found this information.

I will follow Tim’s advice, but I found that strange, very strange, near mysterious ;-:).

BTW: Is ListBox1.InsertRow () still faster that AddRow… ?
(no, nothing in docs that suggest it; this came from the old forum or the NUG DIgest… or ?).

I’ll admit I didn’t test this. Do you mean it used to work and now it doesn’t? Or do our expectations just differ?

I would expect copy/paste operations to be handled by a menuitem. I would also expect that since menuitems follow a hierarchy of control / window / app, that if the control handles a copy command, then it implements an EditCopy menuitem. Therefore, the way to override or intercept the copy command is by implementing an EditCopy menuitem at the control level. Am I mistaken?

Can’t edit. I would also expect that since the control implements an EditCopy menuitem, it is completely normal that the window’s menuitem would never fire.


you may be right; I do not recall (not found anything in the docs) having to do that. My memory is really bad and do not get better with time, but when I am surprised by something, I check to be sure this is the way.

Also, if my project was large / huge, I would think that I’ve made an error somewhere, but THAT EditCopy IS the only MenuItem I added to it.

At last, the project is a "proof of feasability” and will be incorporated into a larger one, once OK.

I do not had time to follow your advice, yet.

Same here.

I get an eye on an old project and:

RB 2011r2 running for Lion (not updated) / the project was alone without its support (external) files, so I do not ran it (and I do not have the stand along application handly).

I do not subclassed the used ListBox(es). The Menu Handlers called a Method from aModule that deals with Copy / Paste / Clear / etc.

I checked the release notes from 2011r2 'till 2015r1 and only found:

FIX 18771 MacCocoa: The EditCopy menu item now copies the contents of the ListBox cell being edited instead of the entire row.

[I made a first global Search for ListBox in the Release Notes and then I checked manually all found entries]

So, I confirm my first feeling: I do not found a clue that one have to subclass a ListBox to get its EditCopy (for example) Menu Handler fired.

BTW: I added another EditCopy into App, a break and it also does not fires.

Beside a wrong text (I can mispell EditCopy…) the only reason why this does not work is if this is a bug, I can make a bug report.