With in Xojo


as i’m new to xojo and trying to make my first web app before i purchase a licence i have a question…

And usualy i just digg in without reading manual :slight_smile:

In VB.net and VB6 i could use With … is there such thing in Xojo?

So instead of writing

dim g as new myUserGroups

g.fldId = 1
g.fldDescription = “Administrator”
g.fldName = “Administrator”

It would be

dim g as new myUserGroups

With g
.fldId = 1
.fldDescription = “Administrator”
.fldName = “Administrator”
End With

In vb.net you can do even nested With command if i remmeber correctly of top of my head…

With two or tree fields its not so horible, but if you have lets say 20 fields its a lot easier and more readable


tnx :wink: simple answer and fast