Wiring Pi Question

Wiring Pi question.
New to Xojo, new to Raspberry Pi.
I am working on a Windows 10 pc with Xojo playing around with developing a simple Gui app for a Raspberry Pi project.
How does Wiring Pi fit into the Xojo IDE?
I am currently working on an example piece of code in Xojo unlicensed, I understand the Wiring Pi library is necessary to access the GPIo pins.
Could anyone explain how and when the lib needs to be installed/deployed for that access?
Total Newb here so be gentle!
Finding Xojo to be a great tool though after going round and round with VS2015 community and passing on a Pyhton / Tkinter solution.
I have already visited these pages:
Just looking for more insight.
Thanks in advance.

you start with setting up your raspberry pi.

  • install wiring pi (using the installation guide) on it (i think the new raspbian already has it installed)
  • Develop an application for your raspberry pi on the Windows or Mac development computer
  • Add the WiringPi module to it
  • use VNC viewer or ssh to copy the build application to your raspberry pi over the lan network.

unlicensed can’t build so you can’t test your application on your raspberry pi.

There is the Xojo GPIO tutorials at:
and there is the Einhugur GPIO tutorials (from me) at:
And then t here is a great PDF book about it from Eugene at: