Windows XP pre SP3

I need to prepare an application to run on a Window XP Platform that has SP2 but not SP3.

Can someone tell me the last release that supported XP pre-SP3?

I think it was 2013r3.3 but can seem to verify that.

Thanks in advance,
Ron Bower
It lists 2013r4.1

Thanks, Norman - Just what oi need to know !

@Ron Bower, while 13r4.1 is compatible, I’ve had best success with 13r3.3 for all Windows XP tools we build.

YMMV depending on your project contents.

Thank you, Tim, I’ve downloaded and installed 2013r3.3 and will use it.

If it were not for the nasty Quicktime diktat from Apple, 2013R3.3 was an excellent vintage.

I agree - it was a good solid release.