Windows XP and Xojo 2015R3

Hi All

I understand Xojo has not been supporting WinXP for some time, but until Xojo 2015R3, my apps were working fine on XP.

My most recent build using Xojo 2015R3 now throws the following error when run on WinXP:

Is this error due to some fundamental change in R3?

In which case, I may use a legacy version of Xojo to build for my (diminishing) group of XP users.

2015r3 apps wont run on XP
Thats in the release notes
See Desktop Apps in

Thanks Norman.

There was a 64 bits version od Windows XP,
El Capitan is not supported ?


Also see Goodbye, Windows XP blog post.

Has nothing to do with 32 bit or 64 bit
Has everything to do with the API’s available on that version and we require newer ones which shipped with Vista & newer

Its listed in the OS X portions

The new release limitation sounds so simple and reasonable, unless you have users (many older) that do not want to leave XP, because it works.

I do understand the need to shed the legacy issues from windows OS. And as long as Xojo does not include exciting new features that all users will want, then I will forgo compiling on the new releases, but still update my subscription. Right now, the difference in capability does not seem to be a factor.

What might change the situation is a flood of new capabilities for Windows owners that might accelerate the the migration. But at 73, I am not sure that I have that many programming years remaining.