Windows with Toolbars Not Sizing Properly in BigSur

It appears that Windows with Toolbars don’t initially size properly in BigSur. You won’t see this if you set the Window height in your code. If you do that - then things work fine. But if you leave the window at the height you set in the editor, then the window does not appear to size right and controls at the bottom of the window can get hidden. It seems like the framework sets the height of the window prior to the tool bar being added. If you remove the toolbar, then everything is fine.

Please see the example in the this feedback report if you want to see it in action:

It is an easy workaround - you just set the height you want in the open event of the window. But if you aren’t expecting this, it can create some confusion as the IDE reports the height of the window incorrectly.

Ugh. We fixed this for 11.0. Sounds like something changed in 11.1.


Toolbars and menubars have become too complex for Apple: Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-12 um 06.44.16

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Desktop UI is so confusing, not like it has been around for 36 years or anything.

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Hmm, interesting. Now go to the Feedback app and choose View/Show Tab Bar from the main menu and watch the controls at the bottom of the window go away. Related somehow?


100% part of the same problem. Good catch! If you resize the Feedback window after doing this, then the controls show.