Windows vs Mac Endianess - same in Debugger?

I am doing some MemoryBlock work and was experimenting with Xojo to find the memory address of a memory block. In Xojo’s debugger, I noticed that the address is the same. Does Xojo decode the byte data the same on Windows and Mac the same in the debugger? Here is an example with data that I could subtly be missing something - feel free to enlighten me :slight_smile:

IDE Variables (Windows 10):7800 0000 38FC AC00 0000
James Value (Windows 10):0078 = 120
James Address (Windows and Mac):00ACFC38 (hex) = 11336760 (decimal)
IDE Variables (Sierra 10.12.5):7800 0000 38FC AC00 0000

[code]Dim James as New MemoryBlock(10) //Create a new MemoryBlock
James.Int32Value(0) = 120 //Add a value
Dim p as Ptr = James
James.Ptr(4) = p

//Show the values of each MemoryBlock
TextArea1.Text = "James Value: " + James.UInt32Value(0).ToText + ", " + _
"James Address: " + James.UInt32Value(4).ToText

When the program runs and the break code happens, then I write down the p, and James-Memoryblock-Contents-Hex data (7800 0000 38FC AC00 0000). Should the value of 7800 0000 38FC AC00 0000 be the same on Mac and Windows - by that I mean Windows is little endian and Mac is big endian, so an example hex order answer might be: Windows - 7800 0000 38FC AC00 0000 and Mac - 0078 0000 FC38 00AC 0000? I could have this last part wrong and am just curious as to the answer.


I could be wrong (usually am) but is not intel little endian?

I believe the older PPC processors used by Mac’s were big endian

Not any more. Endianness is a property of the processor. Both Windows and Mac use Intel chips now, so they are the same.

@Tim Hare and @brian franco,

Ah yes, forgot about Mac switching to Intel :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!