Windows vs Mac compilation

Hi all,

I am currently using 2017r1.1, in one of my applications, I would like to put a logo on the Login Screen of my app. So I create an ImageWell and set the image to the Logo picture. I tested and works fine using the debugger (windows 10).

I have a post a few weeks ago stated that deploy an application by Windows and Mac behaves differently. Deploy under windows, the app crashes occasionally, but no such crashes if deployed under Mac. So these weeks, I worked and tested my app under Windows and deploy by Mac.

This time the situation goes differently. The app closes (doesn’t show up anything) by itself without any error message if I add the Logo to my login screen and deployed by Mac, but the app runs normal if deployed by Windows, at lease the Login Screen with the logo appears normally.

Only if I removed the logo image from the ImageWell, the app deployed by Mac runs normally.

Please help!!!

What happens if you use a Canvas (instead of an ImageWell) to display your logo ?

Sorry, is my fault, I forgot to copy the image under the Resources folder to the destination platform. I deeply apologise. It works now.


Did you click in the ImageWell ?