Windows Vista

I have a user who has a Windows Vista Home Premium with SP 2 OS.

How can I find what is the most recent release of Xojo that will build for Vista ?

Ron Bower

2015 , I believe

But - they can buy a genuine Windows 10 for pocket money prices.
It might be cheaper to buy them a copy of that, than to expend the time to make a special build for them… :slight_smile:

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Soon I’ll refuse to attend people using Windows 7. Last Windows Vista I saw online was like 2017.

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I like a person who asks “how to find” to learn how to answer things themself :slight_smile:
How do you find this info? You dig through the Deprecations page of the documentation They have an Operating Systems sunsetting table.

What is the answer to your question? 2016r1

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Tim -

Thanks for the reply. I was looking for something like that but obviously missed it. When I went through the archives, all I got were link to download the files and was looking for release notes.