Windows tool (or Xojo project) for testing TCP comm with server?

I’m looking for either a pre-existing Windows tool, or some Xojo code I can compile into a simple app, that would allow someone to send a text string in an arbitrary format to a specified IP address via TCP. It’s for testing some embedded code on a hardware controller. We just need something to test basic communication. Could be command line, or gui, doesn’t matter.

Soon, I’ll write something to do this from Xojo, just don’t have time and we need to test a proof of concept first.

Any suggestions?

I would look at the /Example Projects/Internet that are included with Xojo.

I did and nothing jumped out at me. I’m just writing something from scratch now.

The simplest form is to place a TCPSocket on your window with a Button whose action event is

TCPSocket1.Address = ""   // set the address
TCPSocket1.Port = "12345"

In your socket’s Connected event put

me.Write "some message"

thanks. I wound up writing something from scratch yesterday in about an hour, just following the docs. A little stuff to clean up this morning, but I think we have a basic tool our embedded software dev can use to quickly test his TCP code.

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