Windows Title Bar Customization APIs

Has anyone in the Windows realm worked with the Windows Title Bar Customization APIs with Xojo?

Specifically this:
Windows Title Bar Customization

I’ve not looked at that but I’ve got a little test project on the go at the moment working towards title bar customization. I’ve got it working in another language but I’m having to fight with the way the framework does things at the moment so it’s slow going.

Normally, when I need to customize the titlebar, I just drop it entirely and write a canvas subclass that looks and behaves how I want it to. I had implemented the API to customize the titlebar some years ago (2003-2005?), and was just purely unhappy with how my Xojo app responded to the modified frame.

It’s unfortunate that we have to roll our own. It would be nice if this was implemented in XOJO.