Windows Taskbar in C#

Do any of you Windows gurus have a link to the Windows form type for creating a Taskbar tool like what we can do in Xojo with the TaskBar class?

I have a situation where my team MUST use C# for a specific client.

(BTW - I prototyped it in 15 minutes in Xojo, but their spec calls for C# .NET 5.0, and the engineer on their end won’t budge.)

If you have to go C# for the project, I’d recommend RibbonBar from Telerik, the Demo link is at the top of that page, it installs their demo app through the app store. There’s other types if you aren’t using WinForms, just hover over the drop down in the top left corner.

Is he not asking about task bar tool and not ribbon bar ? Am so confused…

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I assumed he actually meant TrayItem. /me shrugs


Yep - TrayItem. I’ve found a couple of old project examples, but they aren’t right because they all assume that the Taskbar is on the bottom. This project is on locked down systems with the Taskbar on the Left.

What’s the issue with it being on the left?

It’s the current examples that I’ve found seem to be more hacks than solutions. I want to make the popup appear at the right mouse click point like a normal taskbar tool.

I’m sure there’s something obvious that I’m missing here, I just added a notifyIcon and contextMenuStrip to the form, linked the contextmenu to the notification icon and every worked as expected on right click at the cursor.

Follow the steps here:

How to Show NotifyIcon in Windows Forms Application Using C# (

… and THAT was the point that I missed. I hate to admit it, but using templates and that knowledge, I got that running in 5 minutes in VS 19. Still a lot more code for the menus and launching the helper app, but at least It’s not going to run one of my team for a week :slight_smile:

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