Windows - Shell.dll wont load

Good afternoon. I have upgraded to 2018 R3 and use Advance Installer on my PC to create an install file. I haven’t had a problem up to today but with the latest library and exe I get; ‘Failed to load plugin Shell.dll’ when launching the program. Can anyone shed some light on this?
Many thanks.

Odd, do you use any plugins? Are there any file differences between the install folder as compared with the build folder?

It was odd! I have restarted the PC and now I don’t get the error. Thank you for replying.

I believe Shell.dll has to be registered and I believe that particular DLL requires at a restart of explorer.exe at least it has in the past. A reboot would also accomplish this after installing.

Thank you. I’ve had a few oddities moving from 2018 R2 to R3. I sent a build to a customer yesterday that installed fine on my test PC but gave the error XojoGUIFramework32.dll not found on his machine. I rebuilt it under 2018 R2 and sent it over and it installed correctly. Again using Advanced Installer.