windows Sendkey keycombo problem

Hi guys, how can i send this combination: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left in xojo to a 3rd party app?
I tried:


but it does not work

It works with 2 modifier + 1 key:


is it possible to send the key combination i mentioned above?

I tried to use the MBS remotecontrol plugin, but it does not seem to work:

dim s as Boolean=RemoteControlMBS.PressControlKey(true) wsh.sendkeys("+%{LEFT}") s=RemoteControlMBS.PressControlKey(false)

Problem solved, its probably a bug, i can’t send 3 modifiers (ctrl + alt + shift) and an arrow, at the same time, but i can send any other key with 3 modifiers.

You might have a look at this example as well: