Windows question from Mac user

Hi all,

Once I have a window in full-screen or Kiosk mode, is there a “normal” Windows way to toggle the size?
On Mac we can hover over the top of the screen to reveal the window. How do I do this on Windows?

Thanks in advance.

If there is no menu shown in the full screen mode, the common way to get out of full screen mode is to press the ESC key on the keyboard

That’s what I would have thought.
Maybe it’s just not working because I’m in Parallels. I’ll try a “real” machine.


If the title bar is visible, double-clicking it should toggle between zoomed and normal modes.

Usually it’s ALT+Enter so things like ESC can be used for other things, this is quite common in windows games for example to switch between windowed mode and full screen or when using a console/command prompt (cmd window). However Edge uses F11 as that probably came from another browser first.

You can also hit ALT-SPACEBAR and it will bring up a menu at the top left of the window. This will also show you some shortcut keystrokes you can use to do certain functions. Alternatively, in most cases you can click your mouse in the top left of the windows title bar and it will show this menu as well.

Earlier versions of windows use to have an icon there, but in some of the later versions that icon is gone, but you can still click up there to show that menu.

it’s so strange. That isn’t working for me either.

The solution I went for was to have a timer looking for the ESC key. Ugly, but it works!