Windows prohibiting file save to AppData\Roaming\?

Is there any reason Windows or an Anti-Virus program would prohibit my app from saving a particular file in AppData\Roaming\FolderForMyApp ?

A user has reported, he finds the preferences file for the app in the above path to FolderForMyApp after install, but after authorisation there is no receipt file there, when there should be, with the result that he’s asked to authorise every time he launches the app.

When I test on a clean Windows system here, installing and authorising the app works fine, the receipt file gets written, and subsequent launches are unlocked as expected.

He bought 4 of my apps, the other 3 authorised for him fine, this one doesn’t. A clue may be that this is the only one of the apps he bought which contains 3rd-party DLLs in addition to Xojo and MBS. So my only thought is that Windows or anti-virus has tagged it or something differently than the others, but it seems like in that case nothing would work, not just this one file getting saved.

Any ideas?

Has your user tried whitelisting either this file or your app’s folder from his antivirus to test whether this is the problem?

This has turned out to be one of those “who knows” episodes. I suggested he reinstall, reboot, and reauthorise. He did, and then it worked.