Windows printing quality

I see historically there has been a problem with report printing quality under windows…
I’m using Xojo 2019 release 1.1 and the printing on a Windows Vista system is very pixelated.

Is there any workable solution (having the user replace their system in NOT one)?

While vista isn’t supported any more in Xojo, if you put a little working demo together that shows the precise problem I’ll take a look and see if I can come up with something. I can’t promise anything though but I’ll need a demo project to work on.

Hi Julian,

That presents some issues as it will not be trivial - maybe I should send you the full app (it doesn’t do anything spectacular) but I didn’t say that I’m using the internal reporting tool and it seems to ignore font settings completely under Windows. Does that tell you anything?

How do I send you the source code?

PM sent.