Windows OneDrive UserHome


When I do the command: MsgBox “SpecialFolder.UserHome.Name”,
I get the name OneDrive on Windows. How can I get the classical UserHome on C: ?

It’s ok. I found the solution.

Hi Payam, when you have time, maybe you could share your solution for the next person who has this question?

Thanks and all the best to you.

Yes, I can do that. I have Windows in French, but I will try to find the English words.

You have to right-click the OneDrive folder in your Files Explorer and click on Settings. Then you go to the third tab, Auto-save, and there is a button you can click. Depending on the version of Windows, things may be different. But on my computer, a window opens and lets me disconnect from the cloud my desktop, documents and pictures. In this way the default user home folder will change. But I think you need not disconnect the pictures too, the important thing is the documents folder.

@Payam Arzani
You may want to use “DisplayName” instead of “Name” in your example. You also could look at using “NativePath” so you don’t have to go mess with the user’s systems options.