Windows MoviePlayer Click event?

Hey guys,
I know how to set MoviePlayer OLEObject properties like stretchToFit on Windows. However, is there a way to also capture events? I’m confused how I might use the Player.Click event, or if it’s even possible?

Thanks in advance!

It looks like the xojo framework is consuming all the events and not passing untrapped ones into EventTriggered. Adding your own handler with AddHandler also fails saying its already been implemented. Maybe @William Yu can shed a bit of light on this?

A temporary workaround could be to implement poll system.mousedown and if its down check the window/control under the mouse to see if its the movieplayer.

Thanks @ , I will give that a try shortly here, although I would prefer something more native.

Please try our MFPMediaPlayerMBS class on Windows.
As you use a canvas, you can get the mouse clicks there.