Windows MessageBox artifact on title

The old MsgBox() had an option to set the title of a window, defaulting to “Untitled” on Windows, on Macs the titles were plain blank, the new MessageBox() does not have a way to remove it, so they just should default to none. The Messagebox() inherited that artifact from its old cousin and that should be eliminated.

MessageBox "Unnecessary and ugly ""Untitled"" title for generic messages"+EndOfLine+EndOfLine+_
"Should be just blank for simple MessageBox() and alikes"

call msgbox "This should be the default instead of that inconsistent ""Untitled"" one for "+_
"generic messages"+EndOfLine+EndOfLine+_
"A blank title for simple MessageBox() and alikes" , 64, ""

On Windows I’m seeing the title of the active window which I guess could be “Untitled”.


You see what Xojo has put in there, not Microsoft. Something they intended to be changed by the user. Then they removed the functionality to change it and maintained the forgotten default artifact.

No window is titled “Untitled” in the world, unless someone is not doing a proper job. If MessageBox keep it this way, better deprecate it too and remove this method from toolset.


Not true, on windows it’s showing the Parent Window title. As @Wayne_Golding just noted.
It may be nice to set the title by a parameter yeah but currently it’s just showing the parent window title which by default is “Untitled”

As I always set the title to some proper value, I never noticed it. Well, having it this way is not a proper UI for the best UX.

Maybe we should move the window type for PopUP? Window used for alerts, optional title bar, none if not used. It would be more like Mac uses too. Better consistency?

Hmm I guess they use this API. And they really set the title to whatever they want, because the default title for not setting it is “Error”, not the app name or whatever.

So it is just better to set it as blank as I previously stated.

The consistency will be increased and it will look better too.

There’s always the option to use the MessageDialog class, in which you can define a title (or none).

I think I never ask “things for myself”, I really don’t remember a moment of “I want this”, but instead I have a mindset like “this is better, we should have it”. I really don’t have such necessity. I have an entire class based on MessageDialog for easier complex dialogs, but I think that our silly 〞Alert(“message”)〝 one could look and feel better without uncontrollable artifacts inserted on a header as it is on a Mac.