Windows images to run tests

I remember reading a post from Norman Palardy that contained a link to Windows test VM. Of course now I cannot find it back.

I also wondered if the same disks existed in other languages. On Mac I can launch my app in all languages it supports with Language Switcher, but on Windows there seem to be no such option, so I will have to run each language version of Windows.

I use the Internet Explorer images to run testing on old OS:es.
Download from here:

Hmmm… I now see that they have scrapped their IE6 XP images… :frowning:

Thank you.

But you are right about different languages. Windows 10 is OK since you can download various languages into the installation. Windows 7 is trickier. My company is member of the Microsoft Partner Network and a subset of languages are available to download from there.

If you can’t remember this, just search for “modernIE”