Windows IDE mouse wheel and accidental project corruption

This has caused me no end of grief. Is anyone else doing this or is it just me.

In windows, if you select a item in your project say webpage then scroll the mouse wheel down it does nothing (as it is changing the method name in the top right of the IDE), if you dont notice this and click onto the page in the IDE and code, its changed the method name!!!
This means when you compile you get errors, you go back and potentially in a massive project you have no idea what the original method name was without loading old projects. I have been caught by this no end.


I don’t see this happening on windows 7 x64.

i haven’t used Xojo just yet, but I do recall having this happen on Windows in RB. Can’t recall the exact circumstances, but I do remember running into this in the past.

Just tested, and I can reproduce this in RealStudio - with the cursor in the Method name, using my scroll button will change the current method to a ‘Constructor’. What is happening, is you are scrolling through the options in the dropdown menu for the method.

Hasn’t happened to me in a while (perhaps I ‘trained’ myself to avoid this)

I get bitten by this once in a while. Very confusing if you do not realize what happened.