Windows IDE - Disappearing controls on window edit.

Controls disappearing on a Window when using the IDE under Windows 10. I have just recompiled an application in 2017r2.1 from 2016r3 and all seemed to be fine. However in the new project a lot of my text/textarea controls had lost their ‘white’ background. I have been going through the project recolouring them from transparent (which showed up as yellow) to white. Also some rectangle controls had gone green from blue. No real issues, just a PITA.

I have now come across a window where the controls are not showing in the IDE, but they are there on the main window at runtime, and even if I click them on the left of the screen, they are not highlighted on the window. If I select all controls (Ctrl-A), some are shown, but all are selected on the left. Some screenshots below to hopefully try and explain.

What it looks like in the IDE
Image 1

What it looks like at runtime
Image 2

What it looks like when I select all

Image 3

Any ideas as to how to fix this without rebuilding the window from scratch.

Whose date controls are you using…I had the same problem and it appeared to be my date controls…

I am using Einhugur’s on this window. I’ll remove and see what happens.

that’s what I was using…I updated to his newest version and it went away…

2016r4 changed drawing system on Windows, so versions of controls pre-dating that will not work on Windows and will cause the screen to not draw.

Just one old control not accounting for the changes in the drawing system can make the whole screen not draw.

Thanks Bjorn I have your latest plugins so will get around to updating application when I get five minutes.