Windows IDE 2021R3.1

The toolbar on top of the code-editor pane does only show the right tooltip after pressing the button, not on mouse-over.
In version 2019R1.1 it was working, so this may be a regression.

Workaround: learning icons by heart

FB 67293

Odd, works as expected here.

Wierd. On my side, on win10, tooltips are just not working in the 2021R3.1 IDE. A Win10 behavior ? No problem with other applications. Not a big deal, it doesn’t stop me from coding :slight_smile:

I’ve closed the case in FB since I figured out that it’s not a Xojo issue but a Monterey-Parallels 17 / issue.
The issue doesn’t exist on my Mac Mini where I run High-Sierra-Parallels 17 and also not on my old Macbook running High-Sierra.

Which may also mean that it’s a Windows ARM issue.

Well, I still have only 4 Mac Computers with Intel.
I use about 6 VM’s (Windows + Linux) on all machines, just by coping them over every now and than. The machines with High Sierra all work perfectly fine with Parallels 17, my Macbook 2019 running Monterey with Parallels 17 seem to have some kinds of problems, like the problem with the tooltips in the Win10 VM. As said, a copy of the VM runs fine on the Hight Sierra OS.