Windows Icon editor doesn't pull alpha channel from PNGs with transparancy

Hi Folks,

I’ve just noticed that my Windows builds on Windows in 16r4.1 either have a bad icon, or if I re-add all of my icon PNGs, the alpha channel isn’t picked up and my images all have a black background.

I’ve verified that the PNG is valid, and the same PNG dropped onto the IDE as a graphic for placement on a Window shows fine.

32bit builds …

Just put together a new Windows 10 system with Xojo 16r4.1. I see this with existing projects, but for new projects, the alpha channel is observed.

Seeing this, I thought about the old scenario of the original icon images that were corrupted when I originally loaded the project. I then went back to the original project, opened the Icon Editor, deleted the entries completely, closed the Icon Editor, Reopened it and then added the appropriate icon PNG files and it’s sorted things out.

It seems that the original icon files were GIFs from the RB days and they needed to be cleared before things worked as expected.