Windows GetObject function Excel worksheet

I understand I can automate Excel using ExcelApplication object.
But how can I access windows functions such as GetObject ( GetObject function (Visual Basic for Applications) | Microsoft Learn) to access a Worksheet object like below (within Excel VBA):


I thought I might need to create an OLEObject and use invoke method on it, but not sure what parameter I would use to construct the OLEObject to access GetObject?

Background: I’d like to use GetObject to avoid opening Excel files to read from it in the traditional way so it remains invisible to the end user

I guess I could make Excel invisible using the following before opening workbook:

Var Excel As New ExcelApplication
Excel.Visible = False

However can I make a new instance of ExcelApplication? I know you can do it with OLEObject when COM name is passed and there is a new instance parameter.