Windows Functionality Suite

With some help I’ve managed to add the WFS module (see my other conversation, but after 23 hours waiting…), but I have no clue how to use it. In VB6 I could do this with my eyes closed, but XOJO and the Windows Functionality Suite seems to be a different ballgame. No Functionality at all at the moment.

Figured out that if I put VBFWS in front of (for instance) AppActivate there is some recognition, but XOJO won’t do the action (I have an open Notepad with Untitled - Notepad), but shows some sort of error code.

So I created a button on my form and under “Action” I’ve added:

VBWFS.AppActivate "Untitled - Notepad" VBWFS.SendKeys "Hello"

But that brings up:

[code]Private Sub pAssertIf(testResult As Boolean)
if testResult then
dim err as new RuntimeException
err.Message = “Unit Test assertion failed”
raise err
end if

End Sub[/code]

Also tried some other commands:

dim tryout as Int16 tryout = VBWFS.Rnd * 12

and getting the same error.

What to do to make the VB extra’s work?
Thanks for your patience.

Sounds like you’ve got a unit test going that’s failing. It may not be set up correctly or needed for what you’re doing. Can you trace the call that sent it to the unit test failure routine?

Phew, think I solved it. Had added a form to the original Windows Functionality Suite project.
Now I’ve copied the entire Suite Class to a fresh new project and it came to live in vivid blue with yellow dots.
Now suddenly my beloved AppActivate and Sendkeys work. Thanks.