windows fpdf output

Great . . . I’ve developed fpdf for the web and now I have to back it off to desktop again and can’t get it to work. Who knows about fpdf?

This code is giving me nothing (pdf declared as is pdf as fpdf):

dim y as double = 18.0
dim x as double = 36
pdf = New fpdf(“P”,“pt”,“Letter”)
pdf.MultiCell(300,20,“Hi there”)


is FPDF something you wrote? or something you bought/acquired/downloaded?

Found this :

But somehow I don’t see how this could be implemented as described by the OP…

FPDF is a PHP implementation create PDF documents…which is probably why he could make it work with WEB.
But integrating PHP into a compiled DESKTOP app is not going to be an easy task.

Perhaps something like the PDF class I am working on might work for the OP.

Here is a raelstudio implementation:

Andre has it. I’ve been using this forever. It worked with my desktop app and then I made a couple of changes for my web app. Now I’ve got to bring it back to desktop and am having problems.

Here’s a zip file: (1).zip

Thanks for making find the zip file again. My edits for the web app were the problem. Returned it to the original and it’s fine.

So, for anyone looking for a simple and free pdf writer, fpdf this is it. Desktop version: (1).zip

Dear: how did you load the file fpdf.php class definition fpdf?

They didn’t. They used the RealStudio implementation available at the links provided.

my PDF class has been operational for a few years now…

Dave . . . What’s the speed difference between your class and fpdf?

Well John… seeing as YOU seemed to have written fPDF and I’ve never seen it, I really can’t answer that for you

Please also note that gPDF is not at this time compatible with any of the syntax changes that may or may not still exist in 2019r2, 2019r2.1 or 2019r3 and at this time there is no plans to do so, as I have currently put my Xojo license updates on indefinite hold.

No Dave . . . I didn’t write fpdf. See

I assumed so because you said this. but again… I have no idea what fpdf does or doesn’t do in any regard