Windows Font List?

How do I retrieve the list of font names that are currently installed in Windows? I’ve looked on here and found iOS examples but none for Windows. Thanks!

for i=0 to fontcount-1
msgbox font(i)
next i

The LangRef is your friend

Crap! How did I miss that? Thanks Dave. I was just in the font section too. :confused:

Instead of using a MsgBox, I strongly suggest to use a TextArea and put the fonts name there.

But, if you like to press the OK button…

Emile, it’s example code from the documentation.

Thank you Tim: I do not knew.

So, this is bad example. I am surprised that I do not saw it by myself. Usually, I am particularly good at finding documentation (others) bugs.

Also, I report it because sometimes I copy/paste provided code without really read it until it runs. Then I start to read it.

At last, I do not rant about the person advice, I only alert the reader. I get crash (longtime ago) when I first used that report ‘technic’. Then, I started to use EditFields (then, TextArea now) to get reports, and this is far better: I can copy/paste for later reading/checking.

Is it not allowed to fine tune an answer ?