Windows extremely slow

Today I tried to compile one of my big project with Xojo 2019R3 (never tried R2).
The result is that the complete interface (One PagePanel with two listbox controls and 8 canvas controls) is immensely slow compared to compiling it with Xojo 2019R1.1

Some things to know:

  • updating the listbox and/or canvas controls only partly updates areas. So not everything is updated which is very odd. Only resizing the window updates everything.
  • I tried both .invalidate and .refresh for each control. Same result .
  • Tried to enable transparency and disable transparency for all controls. No difference.
  • No controls are overlapping.
  • only refreshing the PagePannel (which contains all controls) does help a bit, but it is incredible slow.

It makes R3 (and maybe R2 - didn’t tried that) unusable.

Any pointers to look at?

Edit: The Xojo R3 UI is also much slower compared to R1.1
I am seeing the same slow updating of the right pane and UI editor.

Fww: Running Surface Book i7 with 512gb SSD - 16gb memory. Pretty fast system.

First off, put some system.debuglog(CurrentMethodName)'s in your paint’s and make sure that they aren’t recursively painting.
Are you using threads or tight loops?
Turn off all transparency on everything, if you don’t need it, it will just slow things down a little more.

Fww in every canvas only a small icon is drawn (64x64). Nothing else.
No threads, no tight loops, no app.doevents.
Turning transparency is off for all controls.

It’s not only my compiled apps but the Xojo IDE is way slower too.

Are you able to make a recording of this including the different in the IDE between 2019r1.1 and 2019r3 maybe using or your preferred screen recording software?

Could you then comment out chunks of your code in the paints to try and find out if there’s a certain call that is causing the majority of the slowdown?