Windows EXE Wrapper

Years ago their used to be software called Molebox VS that allowed you to package all of your software into a single EXE for Windows. This software no longer exists and I remember a while back seeing something that did something similar but can’t for the life of me find it now. Does anyone know of an EXE wrapper that will work with Xojo compiled programs so that I can combine everything into a single Exe?

Boxed App Packer

Thanks, that looks really good.

I also just stumbled across this one that provides a full functioning free packer and a paid version that includes protection and licensing etc.

The Enigma Protector

I think it’s come up a few times that Xojo apps don’t like to be packed up inside those virtual box exes.
@Norman Palardy ?

I tried some a year ago, but don’t use packaging anymore. Boxed app packer worked most of the times and the developer was seriously willing to improve regarding xojo projects, but solving these issues keeps you aways from what’s really important: your application itself. So, I quit using packaging.

Thats a real shame as it ciuld have been a nice solution for a project. Thanks for the info.

People have had some success with packagers - I dont recall which ones
However there have been a number of reports on the forums about issues people have encountered

I’d recommend against them and save yourself the grief of having to not only support your app but potentially also have to deal with whatever issues packaging might induce that are out of your control

Thanks Norman, yeah I think I have gone off the idea based on what people have said. Cheers

It’s been said so many times and I’ll repeat it here. A good installer package is the best way to deliver apps to Windows users.

I still have the old Visual Studio Installer (circa Visual Studio 6) that I use and it works wonderfully across everything from XP through the latest Server platforms. If you have an active MSDN subscription, you can still download a version of VS 6. You will need a Windows XP system to install it onto, but it’s worth building a VM if you don’t already have one.

If you are selling your Windows app and can afford the license, the “Advanced Installer” Professional license ($399) is a great answer - easy to use and a very professional result.

The advanced installer also generates now appx packages for upload to the Windows Store, and other uses of the new Windows application model.